ach of our owners works directly with our clients every day, and over 20% of our staff members are owners. Our employee-owned culture attracts the best of the best.

Our mission is to develop and retain the talent to solve the complex environmental issues facing industry today. We emphasize professional development, and our retention is among the highest in the consulting industry.

And retaining our employees promotes our first principle – valuing our clients. Every decision we make is in our clients’ best interests, and our standard of service is nothing short of excellence.



K Associates (CK) is an employee-owned, multimedia environmental consulting firm that has been serving the needs of industry across the United States since 1981. Our actions are driven by two clear principles: working in the best interest of our clients, and investing in the development of our technical staff members. We strongly believe that these two standards are interdependent; guiding us to attract and retain the talent required to best meet the environmental needs of our clients.

Our offices are located in Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Shreveport, and Houston. CK’s professional services include air, water and waste permitting, and compliance; ecological investigations; risk assessment and remediation; and aquatic toxicity testing and compliance.

Our primary focus is providing environmental consulting services to oil and gas, manufacturing, and power companies to ensure compliance with air, water and waste regulations. With over thirty years of service to these industries, our firm continues to grow. We welcome you to submit your resume for current openings or future opportunities.